Guillermo Valles


CEO of Wisesheets


Bachelor of Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business 

About The Author

Guillermo is an experienced financial analyst. Having worked at SmartCentres REIT for 5 years analyzing and facilitating over a billion dollars of commercial real estate deals, Currently the CEO of Wisesheets, Guillermo’s mission is to democratize access to high-quality financial data for public companies as well as financial education that empowers individuals to take control of their financial future.

His passion for finance emerged at the age of 15 when he immersed himself in Warren Buffet’s readings and actively attended the Berkshire Hathaway conference in high school. This naturally led to a passion for investing, finance, and the stock market. He realized that the tools available out to help investors there were too difficult to use and expensive. At the same time, there was a lot of misinformation and get-rich-quick scams.

To address this need, Guillermo assembled a team to create Wisesheets, an innovative tool designed to automate stock data collection. Wisesheets empowers investors to efficiently uncover promising investment opportunities, aligning perfectly with Guillermo’s belief that an individual’s time is their most valuable asset. The company also publishes free high-quality content and resources to help individuals improve in the areas of investing and personal finance.

Guillermo, a man of balance, manages his CEO role at Wisesheets alongside his personal stock portfolio, which he affectionately refers to as his garden of assets and dividends. Beyond his professional pursuits, Guillermo is a sports enthusiast, actively participating in and following sports such as tennis, squash, basketball, and the UFC. With a competitive squash background, Guillermo embodies the values of discipline, hard work, and commitment.

An advocate for giving back, Guillermo is always willing to help others and give back for the great opportunities he has received.


Author: Guillermo Valles