Get Crypto Prices in Google Sheets Instantly

How to Get Crypto Prices in Google Sheets Instantly

The intersection of cryptocurrency and data analytics offers a unique avenue for investment strategies and financial planning. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a data analyst looking to incorporate cryptocurrency values into your reports, Google Sheets is a powerful tool that can facilitate real-time price tracking. In this post, we'll explore how you can leverage Google Sheets to get instantaneous crypto prices, enhancing your analytical capabilities.

Who Benefits from Real-Time Crypto Prices in Google Sheets?

The reach of Google Sheets extends far beyond traditional spreadsheet usage. With the ability to track real-time cryptocurrency prices, a broad spectrum of individuals can harness this information:

  • Crypto Enthusiasts: Stay updated on the latest price changes without constantly refreshing exchange websites or mobile apps.
  • Data Analysts: Seamlessly integrate live crypto data into dashboards and reports for a comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Financial Analysts: Monitor trends and fluctuations in the market for better investment decisions.

By connecting Google Sheets to live price feeds, users can achieve a dynamic overview of the cryptocurrency market, craft personalized alerts, and make data-driven decisions.

How to Access Real-Time Cryptocurrency Prices in Google Sheets?

Real-time crypto prices to Google Sheets are added with the GOOGLEFINANCE function. The GOOGLEFINANCE function uses the following syntax for crypto prices: 


‍Where “‍Ticker” is the symbol for the crypto in Google Finance that you want to import into your sheet. It should be enclosed in double-quotes. 

GOOGLEFINANCE can import the current prices for a given crypto. Here are the steps:

1. Identify The Crypto to Import

What we need to identify is the crypto and its corresponding ticker in Google Finance. For example, we want to import Ethereum prices. Go to and then search for Ethereum. We will be able to reach the following page:

Ethereum Price as of Google Finance

The URL to this page is:

What we need now is the Ticker, which can be found if we scroll down within the same page: 

Ethereum Value as of Google Finance

This is the ticker we need to import Bitcoin prices to our Google Sheets.

2. Use Formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker)

Using the syntax =GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker), the formula becomes


Where the ticker is enclosed in double quotes. Just type the formula where you want to insert the Ethereum price: 

Google Finance function call

3. Press Enter

The cell will initially show “Loading”, and then the current price will appear.

Google Finance Function Call Result

You have now imported crypto prices via GOOGLEFINANCE!

How Can I Refresh the Data Automatically to Import The Latest Price?

You can do so by setting Google Sheets to automatically recalculate every minute. Click File, then select Settings.

A box labeled Settings for this spreadsheet appears. Click the Calculation tab, then click the drop-down box under the label Recalculation. Select On Change and every minute

Automate import real time crypto price google finance, click calculation tab, select on change and every minute

Lastly, Click Save settings. The sheet should recalculate every minute. 

Wisesheets add-on

To get real-time crypto prices in Google Sheets, we recommend using the Wisesheets add-on since it is more reliable and offers data coverage for many more cryptocurrencies.

Once you have installed the Wisesheet add-on, there are two simple steps to get real-time cryptocurrency prices in Google Sheets:

Step 1: Enter your Crypto Currency Ticker Symbol

In a cell, enter the ticker symbol of the cryptocurrency whose price you want to find. Wisesheets uses the same cryptocurrency ticker system as Yahoo Finance, just without the "-" For instance, if you wanted to find Ethereum’s price, type "ETHUSD" in a cell and press enter.

Step 2: Use the Wisesheets Crypto Price Function

Once your cryptocurrency ticker symbol is entered into a cell, you can use the Wisesheets WISEPRICE function to pull up real-time prices for that cryptocurrency. In the next cell, type =WISEPRICE(cell/s that contain tickers, "price") and press enter. For example =WISEPRICE("ETHUSD", "Price")

This will pull up the latest price for the currency of your choice. Other real-time crypto data you can access includes:

  • Changes Percentage
  • Change
  • Day Low
  • Day High
  • Year High
  • Year Low
  • Market Cap
  • Price Avg 50, Price Avg 200
  • Volume, Avg Volume
  • Exchange, Open, Shares Outstanding.

Refresh live data

At the top of the Wisesheets add-on, you will see a refresh button you can press at any time, automatically updating to the latest price data available.

How to Get Historical Crypto Price Data in Google Sheets?

You can directly import data from Google Finance by using the GOOGLEFINANCE function. For example, to import Ethereum prices in USD for the last 30 days, use the following formula:


The result will appear as seen below:

This is the easiest method since the function is already built into Google Sheets. The main disadvantage is that you can only import the closing prices for each day. In financial markets, the closing price is only one of many relevant values including opening prices, the highest price, the lowest price, and the volume. These are often abbreviated as OHLCV. 

Wisesheets Historical Price Function

If you have the Wisesheets add-on installed on Google Sheets, you can also use the WISEPRICE function to pull up historical price data for a given cryptocurrency. For example, if you want to get Bitcoin’'s prices from January 1st, 2021, to January 10th, 2021, you would type:

=WISEPRICE("BTCUSD", "close",, "01/01/2021", "01/10/2021")

As you can see, this will give you the same price chart as the Google Finance function but with coverage for many more cryptocurrencies.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Available?

The Google Finance function allows you to pull live information on a wide range of traditional currencies directly from Google. It also allows you to pull prices for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, and Binance Coin, but it doesn’t work with others such as Dogecoin.

Using Wisesheets, you can find prices for over 3,357 cryptocurrencies which is more than enough coverage for all of the popular cryptos.

Creating Your Own Custom Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker with Excel

If you want to create your custom cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you can use a combination of the methods described above or the new Wisesheets screener. Simply enter a list of the cryptocurrencies you are looking to get data for and the data you want, press get data, and you will have all the data right away.

Following this method, you can quickly build a custom portfolio tracker to monitor your cryptocurrency investments and make informed decisions.


In this article, we've delved into a step-by-step guide on effortlessly obtaining cryptocurrency prices within Google Sheets. Our discussion encompasses leveraging the Google Finance feature for Google Sheets users, alongside the robustness and extensive cryptocurrency coverage offered by the Wisesheets add-on. 

Additionally, we've elucidated the process of accessing historical cryptocurrency price data within Google Finance and crafting a personalized cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Armed with this newfound expertise and the requisite tools, you're now poised to seamlessly monitor crypto prices directly with Google Sheets. 

We appreciate your readership and wish you fruitful tracking endeavors ahead!

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