How to get Historical and Real-Time Stock Data for the NSE Exchange

NSE stock financials Excel

Are you looking for historical and real-time data for your favorite stocks listed in the NSE exchange? If so, this blog post is for you. It will provide a step-by-step guide to getting this data from the National Stock Exchange of India right on your Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet without any coding.

Identify your Stocks

The first step is to find NSE stocks you're interested in. From this link, you can download a list of NSE stocks that you consider. Keep in mind, to get data from these stocks on Wisesheets you need to enter the ticker followed by .NS.

For example, if you'd like to get data from ACC Ltd., you need to enter ACC.NS.

How to get Real-Time NSE Stock Data

After you've decided which stocks to track real-time data for, the simplest approach to get this information into Excel or Google Sheets is with Wisesheets.

You can get a free account here

After you get your account download the Excel or Google Sheets add-in and login with your account.

Once you login you will have access to the WISEPRICE function to get real-time stock data your list of stocks.

Simply enter in your spreadsheet =WISEPRICE("ticker", "parameter")

The list of parameters includes:

  • Symbol
  • Name
  • Price
  • Changes Percentage
  • Change
  • Day Low
  • Day High
  • Year High
  • Year Low
  • Market Cap
  • Price Avg 50
  • Price Avg 200
  • Volume
  • Avg Volume
  • Exchange
  • Open
  • Previous Close
  • EPS
  • PE
  • Shares Outstanding
  • Earnings announcement
  • Timestamp

For example, to get ACC Ltd stock data, you need to enter =WISEPRICCE("ACC.NS", "price")

For investigating multiple tickers, you can easily lock in your cells like this and then drag it to cover all of them.

Real-time stock watch list

The best part about the WISEPRICE function is that whenever you’d like to update the data, just press the refresh button.

Wiseprice refresh

Thats it! You can now get real-time data for all your NSE stocks in Excel or Google Sheets.

How to get Historical NSE Stock Data

Getting historical NSE stock data in Excel or Google Sheets isn't that easy. However, with the right tool, you can get all the historical data you need on your spreadsheet immediately.

The best way to do this is to use Wisesheets. You can get your free account here.

Once you have an account, you can get NSE historical stock data by entering the ticker of the company you'd like to get data for followed by the extension ".NS", then by selecting whether you'd like annual or quarterly data. For example, if you'd like to get annual data from the company Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. you need to enter the ticker TI.NS and then click on get data. This will return all the financial statements, key metrics, and growth metrics for that company going back up to 19 years.

NSE stock financials Excel

Getting all the stock data at once from NSE companies is often tedious and if you are looking for specific data to build a screener or DCF model you can use the =WISE function.

The function accepts the following arguments:

=WISE(ticker, parameter, year/period, [quarter])

For the tickers available be sure to use this list. Keep in mind you need to enter the ticker followed by ".NS"

The list of parameters includes everything in the financial statements, key metrics, and growth metrics which you can see here.

As for the period you can select either a specific year like 2021, “TTM” (which returns the results from the sum of the last 4 quarters), “LY” (Last Fiscal Year) or “LQ” (Last Fiscal Quarter).

Once you have a model set up using the function you can simply change the ticker and get all of the financial data you need at once without wasting any time copy-pasting financials from multiple websites.

Wisesheets valuation model

Now you know how to get historical data for NSE stocks on Excel and Google Sheets. You can use historical data to build a valuation model or create historical comparisons for your investment thesis.

We hope this guide was helpful. Happy investing!

Best Regards,

The Wisesheets Team

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