Yahoo Finance Excel (Live & Historical Stock Data Guide)

Apple's Income Statement available at Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo might not be the choice for the ideal search engine anymore, and let’s face it, Google is the new God, but Yahoo Finance is very much relevant for investors. It is a free resource. It is great for accessing financial news and stock data.

The data on the website includes key metrics, real-time pricing data, and historical price and financial data. And can you believe that the data available on Yahoo Finance can be transferred to Excel or Google Sheets for deeper analysis?

Real-Time Stock Data (Yahoo Finance and Wisesheets)

But wait, how do you get stock data from Yahoo Finance to Excel? Well, there are four ways:

  • Manually copying/pasting from the website
  • Programmatically scraping the website
  • Exporting the data with Yahoo Plus
  • Using Wisesheets

In this blog post, we will discuss each of these options except programming, but we promise to circle back soon in a later blog post!

Say hello to copying and pasting – although we'd rather you don’t.

Copying and Pasting Real-Time Data from Yahoo

It is quite difficult to copy and paste real-time data to Excel is very difficult if you are looking for accurate data. The best way is to open the Yahoo Finance website. And then look for the stock you are tracking and wait for the site to automatically update the data. But you will be faced with a slow browser speed. It only updates after a new quote has been submitted.

Some of the pros of using Yahoo for real-time data are as follows:

  • It is free to use 
  • All you need to have is the website open on your computer

And the cons are:

  • You can't track multiple stocks at once 
  • You can't run real-time calculations on those numbers like "price to sales ratios."
  • The data tends to be more delayed than other methods 
  • It is time-consuming 
  • It is not real-time data 
  • You will be bombarded with ads

Need something better? Yahoo Finance Plus is promising.

Using Yahoo Finance Plus to view Real-Time Data

Besides Yahoo's free website, you have the option to subscribe to their paid service. With a paid service, you can more easily track strict prices in real-time and link it with your stock broker so you can easily track your portfolio.

Prices of different stocks on Yahoo Finance

The pros of using Yahoo Finance Plus for real-time data are:

  • You have teal-time data access 
  • There are many visualization tools 
  • It can link a stock broker account to track your portfolio 
  • There are no ads

And the cons are:

  • It is a paid service with a cost ranging from $250 to $350 per year 
  • You can't track stock prices in Excel for additional calculations 

You can use a better, third option – Wisesheets!

Use Wisesheets to View Real-Time Financial Stocks Data

If you like spreadsheets and want to get all the data you need, Wisesheets is the best option.

Wisesheets real time stock prices

Real-time stock data can be gathered by using the =WISEPRICE function and just entering the ticker and parameter (i.e. AAPL, PRICE).

For example =WISEPRICE("AAPL", "Price").

Wisesheets Wiseprice function for the current stock price of Apple

Currently, the company supports tickers from 50+ exchanges, including (see full list):

  • XETRA (Germany)
  • NSE (India)
  • LSE (London)
  • MCX (Russia)
  • SIX (Switzerland)
  • HKSE (Hong Kong)
  • ASX (Australia)
  • OSE (Norway)
  • NYSE (US)
  • AMEX (US)
  • EURONEXT (Europe)
  • TSX (Canada)

As well as these and more real-time parameters:

  • Symbol
  • Name
  • Price
  • Changes Percentage
  • Change
  • Day Low
  • Day High
  • Year High
  • Year Low
  • Market Cap
  • Price Avg 50
  • Price Avg 200
  • Volume
  • Avg Volume
  • Exchange
  • Open
  • Previous Close
  • EPS
  • PE
  • Shares Outstanding

Once you have the function set up with your ticker and parameter, you can simply press the refresh button as often as you like to update the data in real-time.

Wisesheets real time watch list of stocks with live stock price data

The pros of using Wisesheets for real-time data are:

  • It can be integrated into Excel and Google Sheets 
  • The data updates when you want with the refresh button 
  • You can apply any calculations you'd like to the parameter list, and all data will be refreshed
  • Real-time data delay is minimal 

And the cons are:

  • It costs $60 per year subscription for full access to all tickers
  • You need basic knowledge of spreadsheets to take full advantage of it

Historical Data (Yahoo Finance and Wiseshets)

Did you know that a person, or a stock is nothing without their history?

Historical data is often best for deep stock analysis because it provides context to how a company has performed financially over time. It also indicates the general direction of the company and its implications.

There are four ways in which you can get historical stock data from Yahoo Finance onto your spreadsheet as follows:

  • Manually copying/pasting from the website
  • Programmatically scraping the website
  • Using Wisesheets

Copying and Pasting Historical Data from Yahoo

Copy and pasting is simple, but not a lot of fun.

Yahoo Finance can be used to view historical pricing data and company financials. However, copying/pasting this data is extremely time-consuming. The results are very limited. Also, Yahoo limits the historical data to 4 years and 5 quarters. Although, you may think that copying financials as tables onto Excel or Google Sheets is easy, but this is not the case. This is because the data is intentionally structured, so you need to reformat it when it is copied and pasted.

Apple's income statement from Yahoo Finance

Some of the pros of using Yahoo for historical data are as follows:

  • You can get free data
  • You can have easy access to historical pricing data
  • There are a lot of useful current key metrics 
  • You can have extensive international market coverage

And the cons are:

  • Historical financials are limited to 4 years and 5 quarters
  • Copy/pasting key metrics and financials is very time-consuming because of the formatting 
  • There is no easy way to track stocks in Excel or Google Sheets
  • It is hard to compare many companies at once

Still need something Yahoo? Well, you have Yahoo Plus Finance.

Using Yahoo Finance Plus to View Historical Data

Yahoo Finance Plus makes it much easier than Yahoo, if you are looking to export data from Excel. Yahoo Finance Plus has the features that the free Yahoo Finance website does not offer as follows:

  • You can download company financials right into Excel
  • Get historical pricing data
  • many more key metrics not available otherwise

But the key metrics are mostly limited to indicators, such as, the P/E ratio, PEG, debt to equity, etc. One benefit is that for historical pricing data, you can easily select the period you'd like to get the data for and download it as a CSV file for your own analysis.

Yahoo Finance's flyer

The pros of using Yahoo Finance Plus for historical data are:

  • You can get all data, including historical financials and pricing data, into Excel or the built-in visualizations

And the cons are:

  • It could be too expensive for some with the cost ranging from $250 to $350 per year 
  • You can't build dynamic models where you change the company ticker and get all the data you need

Want something better?

Use Wisesheets for Importing and Analyzing Historial Data

When it comes to historical financials, Wisesheets offers optimal solutions. The tool offers access to the company's financials, key metrics, and growth metrics (annually and quarterly) going back 20 years by simply entering the company's ticker.

Income statement of Vardhman Textiles Limited NSE

On top of this, you can get individual metrics for your financial models by using the WISE function.

The way the function is used is as follows =WISE("ticker", "parameter", "period/s", "quarter")

The company offers the following data.

The beauty of this function is that it allows you to get all the data you need for your financial models by only changing the ticker once it's set up. 

Vertical analysis template

The pros of using Wisesheets for historical data are that you can:

  • Build custom models and get data instantly on Google Sheets and Excel 
  • Easily export all data from the major global exchanges by entering the ticker 
  • Compare hundreds of companies in one view
  • Build custom screeners
  • Get all financial statements, key metrics, and growth metrics at once
  • Have access segmented and geographic revenues

And the cons are:

  • You need a Wiseshests subscription that costs $60 per year 
  • Available only on Excel and Google Sheets


Now you know exactly the steps to get real-time and historical stock data on Excel and Google Sheets without any code or programming. The onus of making profitable investment decisions rests on you. We, at Wisesheets, have plenty of resources to guide you in your investment journey.

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