21 Best Investing Podcasts to Boost Your Portfolio & Wealth

What are the 21 Best Investing Podcast to Boost your Portfolio and Wealth?

Imagine having a personal finance advisor in your pocket, ready to dispense wisdom on the go. That's what the right investing podcast can feel like. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the best? We’ve tuned into the airwaves to bring you the ultimate list of investing podcasts that will elevate your portfolio and wealth.

In this article, you'll discover:

  • Finding Your Podcast Match: Tips to choose the ones that align with your investing style.
  • Top Investment Podcast Picks: The cream of the crop in the podcast world.
  • Wisesheets Wisdom: How our tool can enhance your learning from these podcasts.

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Find Your Perfect Investing Podcast Match

You know the feeling – you're ready to up your investing game, but the sheer number of podcasts out there is just overwhelming. How do you find the one that resonates with your style and needs? It's not just about picking the most popular; it's about finding your perfect match. Here’s how:

Understand Your Investment Style

  • Are you a beginner or a seasoned investor? Tailor your podcast choice to match your experience level.
  • What’s your focus? Stocks, real estate, retirement planning – pinpoint your interest area.

Look for Credibility and Expertise

  • Who's hosting? Check the credentials and background of the podcast host.
  • Are they offering actionable advice or just opinions? You want insights you can actually use.

Seek a Blend of Education and Entertainment

  • Is the podcast engaging? The best ones make learning about investing enjoyable.
  • Storytelling or straight facts? Decide which format keeps you hooked.

Check the Community and Reviews

  • What are other listeners saying? Ratings and reviews can give you a sense of the podcast's impact.
  • Is there a community around the podcast? Engaging with like-minded listeners can be invaluable.

Integration with Your Tools

  • How can you apply what you learn? Pair your newfound knowledge with tools like Wisesheets for deeper analysis.
  • Does the podcast recommend tools or resources? This can add to your arsenal of investment strategies.

With these pointers, you're all set to find the investing podcasts that will not only inform you but also inspire you to make smarter investment decisions. Remember, the right podcast can be a powerful tool in your journey to financial growth and success.

Here's the List of 21 Best Investing Podcasts to Need to Start Listening Now

Dive into the world of investing podcasts with our handpicked selection. These 21 shows are more than just background noise; they're a treasure trove of insights, tips, and strategies.

  1. The Investors Podcast Network
  2. Money for the Rest of Us
  3. Invest Like the Best
  4. The Meb Faber Show
  5. The Peter Schiff Show Podcast
  6. The BiggerPockets Podcast
  7. The Indicator from Planet Money
  8. Masters in Business
  9. Animal Spirits Podcast
  10. Capital Allocators
  11. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
  12. The Stacking Benjamins Show
  13. The Dave Ramsey Show
  14. Chat With Traders
  15. Money Talks from The Economist
  16. The Clark Howard Podcast
  17. Odd Lots
  18. InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast
  19. The Money Guy Show
  20. The Disciplined Investor
  21. The Motley Fool Money

Whether you're commuting, working out, or just relaxing at home, these podcasts help you turn every moment into an opportunity for financial growth. Let's unpack each one:

1. The Investors Podcast Network

We Study Billionaires - The Investor's Podcast Network | Podcast on Spotify
  • Host Name: Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen
  • Average Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Stock investing, billionaire investment strategies, economic outlooks
  • Recommended For: Investors looking for a blend of deep-dive analyses and high-level overviews
  • Website: https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/

The Investor's Podcast Network is where in-depth analysis meets practical advice. Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen break down complex financial concepts into digestible chunks, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned investors. They often analyze the investment strategies of billionaires, providing listeners with unique insights into high-level investing.

Famous Episode: An episode that stands out is their analysis of Warren Buffett's annual letters. It's a masterclass in understanding the thought process of one of the world's most successful investors.

Listener's Review: "If you want to know about Bitcoin, top to bottom, soup to nuts, listen every Wednesday. Preston will make you the best informed of all your acquaintances and will do so in the most pleasant manner! I look forward to every Wednesday so I can pull up the latest episode. I have not missed a single episode in years!"

2. Money for the Rest of Us

Podcast Episodes | Money for The Rest of Us
  • Host Name: David Stein
  • Average Length of Episodes: 30 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Personal finance, investment strategies, economic trends
  • Recommended For: Those seeking a holistic approach to managing money
  • Website: https://moneyfortherestofus.com/

Money for the Rest of Us hosted by David Stein is a gem in the financial podcasting world. David, a former professional investor, shares his wisdom on how to invest smarter, manage money more effectively, and make sense of complex economic trends. His approachable style makes even the most intricate financial topics accessible to everyone.

Famous Episode: One notable episode, "How to Become Wealthy," is a must-listen. David dives into strategies for preserving wealth, a topic often overlooked in the pursuit of wealth creation.

Listener's Review: "I’m shocked by how little I knew about macroeconomics and loving this show. The author makes the content easy to understand, relatable, and enjoyable to listen to. If you have an interest in macroeconomics or finance this is an excellent podcast!"

3. Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy | Podcast on Spotify
  • Host Name: Patrick O'Shaughnessy
  • Average Length of Episodes: 70 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Deep dives into investment strategies, interviews with top business leaders
  • Recommended For: Investors seeking insights from industry leaders
  • Website: https://investlikethebest.libsyn.com/

Hosted by Patrick O'Shaughnessy, "Invest Like the Best" offers a window into the minds of the investment industry's brightest and most successful figures. This podcast stands out for its in-depth interviews, where Patrick and his guests discuss various investment philosophies, strategies, and experiences. It's a masterclass in investing, offering listeners the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

Famous Episode: In this remarkable episode, Patrick O'Shaughnessy converses with Chuck Akre, a renowned investor and the founder of Akre Capital Management, a firm managing about $10 billion. The episode is a deep dive into Chuck's unique investing style and his famous "three-legged stool" approach to evaluating companies.

Listener's Review: "Patrick filled a niche in the investing podcast world. He is able to talk broadly about investing with his guests through an extremely knowledgeable framework of investing. He has had some fantastic guests. There is much more to take away from this podcast than just investing themes. I am very excited to see who else Patrick is able to bring on and interview. I would vote for longer interviews, but understandable that the guests he brings on are time-constrained."

4. The Meb Faber Show

  • Host Name: Meb Faber
  • Average Length of Episodes: 50 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Global stock markets, investment strategies, stock analysis, wealth management
  • Recommended For: Global investors and those interested in diverse market perspectives
  • Website: https://mebfaber.com/podcast/

Meb Faber, the co-founder and CIO of Cambria Investment Management, brings a global perspective to investing in "The Meb Faber Show." The podcast delves into a variety of topics, including global stock markets, new investment strategies, and effective wealth management tactics. Meb's expertise and his ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner make this podcast a valuable resource for investors looking to broaden their horizons.

Famous Episode: An episode to check out is his detailed discussion on "The Case for Global Investing," which offers a fresh perspective on diversifying beyond domestic markets.

Listener's Review: "Recently it was a great podcast for me. Which has inspired me on many levels including business. Love the people, content, and insights from your podcasts! keep it up."

5. The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast | Podyssey
  • Host Name: Peter Schiff
  • Average Length of Episodes: 65 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Economic theory, market analysis, risk management, political impacts on finance
  • Recommended For: Those interested in a libertarian perspective on economics and investing
  • Website: https://schiffradio.com/

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast offers a unique take on economics, finance, and politics. Peter Schiff, a well-known economist and investment professional, provides insightful analysis of economic trends and market movements, often from a libertarian viewpoint. This podcast is ideal for listeners who appreciate a contrarian perspective on mainstream economic thinking.

Famous Episode: "2024 Surprises Will Be Greater Than in 2023 – Ep 940" — this episode delves into Peter Schiff's predictions and analysis for the year 2024, comparing them with the events of 2023.

Listener's Review: "I never missed an episode. I really like Peter's analysis of the current economic environment.”

6. The BiggerPockets Podcast

Real Estate & Investing Podcasts | BiggerPockets
  • Host Name: Brandon Turner and David Greene
  • Average Length of Episodes: 70 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Real estate investing, rental properties, personal finance, wealth building
  • Recommended For: Real estate enthusiasts and investors at all levels
  • Website: https://www.biggerpockets.com/podcasts

The BiggerPockets Podcast, hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, is a goldmine for anyone interested in real estate investing. The show covers a wide range of topics, from beginner tips to advanced strategies, making it suitable for investors of all experience levels. Their conversational style and practical advice make complex real estate concepts approachable and actionable.

Famous Episode: "Job and Invest Full-Time with J Scott," an episode featuring J Scott, a successful real estate investor and author, who shares his journey from a full-time job to becoming a full-time investor. He offers valuable tips for those aspiring to make a similar transition and highlights the importance of systems and processes in building a successful real estate business.

Listener's Review: "I learned almost everything I know about real estate from bigger pockets. My brother told me to listen to the episodes of house hacking and then my education started! Thank you! Don’t waste time spending money on courses BEFORE listening to bigger pockets!"

7. The Indicator from Planet Money

The Indicator from Planet Money | Podcast on Spotify
  • Host Name: Cardiff Garcia and Stacey Vanek Smith
  • Average Length of Episodes: 10 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Economic concepts, financial news, market trends
  • Recommended For: Busy professionals seeking quick, digestible economic insights
  • Website: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510289/planet-money

The Indicator from Planet Money offers bite-sized economic stories perfect for a quick listen. Hosts Cardiff Garcia and Stacey Vanek Smith break down complex economic concepts and market trends into easy-to-understand narratives. This podcast is perfect for those who want to stay informed about the financial world, time-efficiently.

Famous Episode: A notable episode of "The Indicator from Planet Money" is the December 21, 2023, episode titled "The 'Yellowstone' Effect on Montana." This episode explores how the popular TV show "Yellowstone," which began airing in 2018, has influenced real-life events in Montana. It delves into the impact on tourism, population growth, and housing prices in the state, reflecting how a television show can have significant real-world effects.

Listener's Review: "As a millennial who has been personally and financially affected by literally every single mini-recesssion, inflation event, employment dip, and housing bubble or boom, I appreciate the transparency and reporting about my lived economic experience."

8. Masters in Business

Masters in Business Podcast - Bloomberg
  • Host Name: Barry Ritholtz
  • Average Length of Episodes: 70 minutes
  • Topics Covered: In-depth interviews with market movers, financial insights, investment strategies
  • Recommended For: Investors seeking deep, thoughtful conversations with financial experts
  • Website: https://www.bloomberg.com/podcasts/series/master-in-business

Masters in Business, hosted by Barry Ritholtz, offers a unique blend of insightful interviews with leading economists, market strategists, and traders. Barry delves deep into the minds of financial experts, extracting valuable insights and strategies. This podcast is perfect for those who appreciate thorough, reflective discussions on markets and investing.

Famous Episode: A standout episode of the "Masters in Business" podcast is the one featuring Ray Dalio, which aired on January 7, 2022. In this episode, Barry Ritholtz interviews Ray Dalio, the founder, co-chair, and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. Dalio shares insights on his book "Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail," and discusses key aspects of success and failure in global economics.

Listener's Review: "Very high-quality guest roster. I have particularly enjoyed the female guests (just finished Ilana Weinstein). These are the best of the best business minds and it's educational to hear how eloquently they are able to express complex ideas. Sure, Barry is a bit self-assured, but I like him and he's very knowledgeable. He's "likable enough," to borrow Obama's ol' zinger."

9. Animal Spirits Podcast

Animal Spirits Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
  • Host Name: Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson
  • Average Length of Episodes: 50 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Market news, personal finance, investment trends
  • Recommended For: Investors looking for a blend of humor and insight in finance
  • Website: https://awealthofcommonsense.com/podcast/

The "Animal Spirits Podcast," hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, brings a refreshing take to the world of investing. They discuss the latest market news and investment trends with a humorous twist, making complicated financial topics accessible and entertaining. This podcast is ideal for those who enjoy a lighter, more engaging approach to financial news and insights.

Famous Episode: An episode worth checking out is "You Can’t Quantify Happiness," published November 22nd, 2023 — covering Federal Reserve policies, stock market dynamics, and the relationship between raises and happiness.

Listener's Review: "This feels like a weekly casual conversation with your fellow advisors. I’m an analyst and don’t talk to advisors as much as I used to, so this is a great way to catch up on what’s impacting the RIA world."

10. Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators with Ted Seides - #1 Institutional Investing Podcast
  • Host Name: Ted Seides
  • Average Length of Episodes: 60 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Investment strategies, interviews with fund managers, asset allocation
  • Recommended For: Professionals interested in understanding how leaders in the field allocate capital
  • Website: https://www.capitalallocators.com/podcast/

Capital Allocators, hosted by Ted Seides, offers a deep dive into the world of professional capital allocation. Through interviews with top fund managers and investment professionals, Ted explores various investment strategies and the art of asset allocation. This podcast is a valuable resource for those looking to understand the nuances of managing large investment portfolios.

Famous Episode: A highly regarded episode of the "Capital Allocators" podcast is the episode featuring Don Mullen, aired on June 29th, 2023. In this episode, Don Mullen, the Founder & CEO of Pretium Partners, discusses the focus of his $51 billion specialized investment firm on U.S. housing, residential, and corporate credit markets.

Listener's Review: "I think that essentially sums it up for me…. This has been my go-to podcast every week since the very beginning. Incredible levels of value and insights from the very best in the business!"

11. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

  • Host Name: Farnoosh Torabi
  • Average Length of Episodes: 30 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Personal finance, money strategies, monetary policy, inspirational money stories
  • Recommended For: Those looking for a mix of financial advice and inspiring personal success stories
  • Website: https://podcast.farnoosh.tv/

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a delightful blend of practical financial advice and inspiring personal stories. Farnoosh's approachable style makes complex topics like money management and investment accessible to all. Her interviews with successful individuals from various fields provide unique insights into financial success and personal growth.

Famous Episode: One of the most popular episodes of the "So Money with Farnoosh Torabi" podcast is Episode 982, titled "Best of 2019: Stories of Financial Triumph." This episode, which aired on December 25th, 2019, features a collection of powerful moments from the show where guests shared their financial struggles and successes. These stories highlight the resilience and strength of individuals overcoming financial challenges.

Listener's Review: "This is long overdue. I have been listening to So Money since its inception back in 2015 when Farnoosh used to do new episodes 5 times a week. From Tony Robbins, David Bach, Jean Chatzky to Queen Latifa Farnoosh has had so many awesome guests with their perspectives(along with Farnoosh’s POV) on money that has produced too many quality episodes. It has also been a pleasure to witness Farnoosh evolve into being on TV as the money expert on various interviews and hosting a series on CNBC along with writing another book."

12. The Stacking Benjamins Show

The Stacking Benjamins Show (Podcast Shows 2017– )

The Stacking Benjamins Show, hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, offers a lighthearted and entertaining approach to personal finance and investing. The show combines humor with expert advice, making it perfect for those who want to learn about money in a fun and engaging way.

Famous Episode: A notable episode of "The Stacking Benjamins Show" is titled "Top 5 Plays To Win The Money Championship Game," which was part of their Best of 2023 series. In this episode, aired on December 25, 2023, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG discuss the top five strategies to excel in managing personal finances. They cover a range of topics from motivation to practical tactics for financial success. This episode originally aired on February 8, 2023.

Listener's Review: "Stacking Benjamin’s is my favorite podcast. I love the mix of humor and education that Joe, Doug, and the guests provide. If you are into finance and FIRE this is the show for you."

13. The Dave Ramsey Show

Ramsey Network - Ramsey
  • Host Name: Dave Ramsey
  • Average Length of Episodes: 40 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Debt-free living, budgeting, personal finance management
  • Recommended For: Individuals seeking practical advice on achieving financial freedom and managing debt
  • Website: https://www.ramseysolutions.com/shows/the-ramsey-show

The Dave Ramsey Show is a beacon for those looking to escape debt and build a solid financial foundation. Dave Ramsey's straightforward, no-nonsense approach to money management has made him a household name in personal finance. His advice on budgeting, saving, and investing is both practical and motivational, ideal for anyone determined to achieve financial independence.

Famous Episode: One of the most highly-rated episodes of "The Dave Ramsey Show" is titled "How Do I Change My Impulsive Spending Habit?" which aired on February 5th, 2021. This episode focuses on personal finance topics such as debt, retirement, and relationships. It addresses common financial concerns and offers practical advice for listeners looking to improve their financial habits and decision-making skills.

Listener's Review: "This is the best advice to change your life. My husband and I paid off almost 200k of consumer debt after following the plan and were motivated daily by listening to the show. We are no longer paycheck to paycheck and are finally free. All because someone legit shared the show with us! So grateful."

14. Chat With Traders

chat with traders Archives - Trade Long Term
  • Host Name: Aaron Fifield
  • Average Length of Episodes: 60 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Trading strategies, interviews with professional traders, market insights
  • Recommended For: Traders and those interested in the intricacies of trading in various markets
  • Website: https://chatwithtraders.com/

Chat With Traders, hosted by Aaron Fifield, is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in trading. The podcast features in-depth interviews with successful people like famous financial billionaires, offering insights into their strategies, experiences, and lessons learned. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned trader, this podcast provides a wealth of knowledge about the dynamic world of trading.

Famous Episode: Among the most popular episodes of this podcast feed is "Chat With Traders" podcast is titled "William Beauchamp – Ex-Poker Player Assembles Team to Conquer Sports Markets," aired on May 13th, 2021. This episode features William Beauchamp, the founder of Seamless Capital, discussing his journey from poker to algorithmic trading in sports markets, focusing on Hong Kong horse racing, football, and tennis.

Listener's Review: "Excellent show for gathering information in trading psychology, ideas, and techniques. Not every episode is worth listening to but the vast majority will offer great insight. Probably the best podcast on trading out there."

15. Money Talks from The Economist

Money Talks from The Economist | Podcast on Spotify
  • Host Name: Multiple hosts from The Economist
  • Average Length of Episodes: 30 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Global economic trends, finance, business insights
  • Recommended For: Those seeking a global perspective on economics and finance
  • Website: https://www.economist.com/audio/podcasts/money-talks

Money Talks from The Economist brings you the expertise and authority of The Economist's financial journalists. Covering a broad range of topics from global economic trends to specific business insights, this podcast is perfect for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of the global economy and its impact on finance and investment.

Famous Episode: "Money talks: WeWorry," which aired on October 1st, 2019. This episode discusses the collapse of WeWork's plans for an initial public offering and the implications of this event for investors and other young companies with similar ambitions. The episode also covers developments in Greece's new government and its economic policies.

Listener's Review: "I also like that you expand on topics like climate change because these things DO affect the large global economies of the world. Let the haters hate – you all are AWESOME. I feel smarter with every episode and this gets me out of my personal finance bubble and into a larger way of thinking."

16. The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard's Podcast
  • Host Name: Clark Howard
  • Average Length of Episodes: 35 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Consumer advice, savings tips, personal finance strategies
  • Recommended For: Anyone looking for practical, everyday financial advice to save money and make smart financial decisions
  • Website: https://clark.com/podcasts/

The Clark Howard Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge for everyday financial well-being. Host Clark Howard, a consumer expert, delivers actionable advice on saving money, spending wisely, and avoiding common financial pitfalls. His approach is down-to-earth and highly practical, making complex financial decisions seem simple and approachable.

Famous Episode: A notable episode of "The Clark Howard Podcast" is titled "08.15.23 Verizon’s NFL Sunday Ticket Offer / Domestic Airfares," aired on August 15th, 2023. In this episode, Clark Howard discusses Verizon's deal on NFL Sunday Ticket and provides insights on domestic airfares, offering valuable information for travelers and football fans.

Listener's Review: "I grew up in a household that didn't discuss finances. Fortunately, as an Atlanta native Clark Howard has been nagging at me since I was fairly young. Didn't take his advice at first, but later have followed his rules getting the match from my employer and starting a Roth IRA. Hopefully, I will be OK in retirement. Much better off than if I had never heard of Clark Howard!!!"

17. Odd Lots

Bloomberg's Odd Lots Is Expanding With Content Exclusively
  • Host Name: Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway
  • Average Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Financial markets, economic concepts, unique investment ideas
  • Recommended For: Those interested in the quirks and lesser-known aspects of financial markets
  • Website: https://www.bloomberg.com/oddlots

Odd Lots, hosted by Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway, delves into the oddities and fascinating aspects of financial markets that are often overlooked. The show provides an intriguing look at unique investment ideas and economic concepts, presented in an engaging and accessible manner. It’s a must-listen for those who enjoy exploring the unconventional side of finance and economics.

Famous Episode: One of the most highly-rated episodes of the "Odd Lots" podcast is "The Incredible Rise of the Celsius Energy Drink," aired on October 26th, 2023. This episode delves into the competitive landscape of the energy drink industry and discusses the rapid growth of Celsius Energy Drink, contrasting it with other major brands like Red Bull and Monster Energy.

Listener's Review: "Tracy and Joe are super smart. They seem to always know more than enough to be dangerous. They ask good questions and more importantly, they ask even better follow up questions if something doesn’t make sense to them. They’re clearly smart but don’t emit any arrogance and have a knack for getting great information and explanations out of their guests."

18. InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

Listen to InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast podcast
  • Host Name: Phil Town and Danielle Town
  • Average Length of Episodes: 50 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Value investing principles, stock market education, investment strategies
  • Recommended For: Beginners and seasoned investors interested in value investing
  • Website: https://www.ruleoneinvesting.com/podcast/

InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast, hosted by Phil Town and his daughter Danielle Town, makes the principles of value investing accessible and understandable. This podcast breaks down the complexities of the stock market, offering practical advice and strategies for long-term investment success. It’s ideal for those who want to deepen their understanding of value investing and build a robust investment portfolio.

Famous Episode: A notable episode of the "InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast" is "Charlie," which aired December 20th, 2023. In this episode, hosts Phil and Danielle reflect on the impact of Charlie Munger, both in the financial world and in their personal lives and investing journeys. This episode serves as a tribute to Munger's significant influence and contributions to the field of investing.

Listener's Review: "I feel like their credibility goes up the more I get to know them. I’ve started back from the very beginning as I want to learn to be a Rule 1 investor – walking along side Danielle is super helpful."

19. The Money Guy Show

Money Guy Show | Podcasts en Audible
  • Host Name: Brian Preston and Bo Hanson
  • Average Length of Episodes: 60 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Financial planning, wealth-building strategies, personal finance tips
  • Recommended For: Individuals looking for practical and strategic advice to grow and manage their wealth
  • Website: https://moneyguy.com/

The Money Guy Show, hosted by Brian Preston and co-hosted by Bo Hanson, brings a wealth of knowledge to listeners eager to enhance their financial literacy and build wealth. Their practical advice, grounded in years of financial planning experience, covers everything from basic budgeting to sophisticated investment strategies. This podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to take their financial game to the next level.

Famous Episode: One of the more popular episodes of "The Money Guy Show" podcast is titled "Average Debt by Age! (How Do You Compare Against Other Americans?)," aired on August 11th, 2023. This episode focuses on the prevalent issue of debt among Americans. It provides a detailed analysis of the average debt at different ages, what common mistakes people make regarding debt, and offers guidance on managing and improving one’s debt situation.

Listener's Review: "I love hearing you guys talk about all things finances. My dad was my “financial advisor” until he passed away 3 years ago. Ever since, I I’ve been listening to you guys to keep me focused. I read “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” after one of the first times listening to you guys. It was perfect timing as it reiterated what my dad has always told me too."

20. The Disciplined Investor

  • Host Name: Andrew Horowitz
  • Average Length of Episodes: 45 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Investment strategies, market analysis, investor psychology
  • Recommended For: Investors seeking a disciplined approach to the stock market and investment strategies
  • Website: https://thedisciplinedinvestor.com/blog/category/podcasts/

Andrew Horowitz's "The Disciplined Investor" focuses on strategies for achieving long-term investment success through discipline and sound analysis. The podcast covers a range of topics, including market trends, investment tactics, and the psychological aspects of investing. It’s an excellent resource for those who wish to develop a disciplined and thoughtful approach to investing.

Famous Episode: This episode, "Flow with Curzio" (November 19, 2023), dives into the impact of a government shutdown and Moody's shift to a negative rating watch. It also discusses market responses to inflation and features guest Frank Curzio from Curzio Research..

Listener's Review: "Exactly the level of analysis I look for, and presented in a way for people of all financial knowledge levels can benefit."

21. The Motley Fool Money

Motley Fool Money (Podcast Series 2009– )
  • Host Name: Chris Hill
  • Average Length of Episodes: 40 minutes
  • Topics Covered: Stock market analysis, investment strategies, company and industry insights
  • Recommended For: Stock market enthusiasts and investors looking for a mix of in-depth expert analysis and practical investment advice
  • Website: https://www.fool.com/

The Motley Fool Money hosted by Chris Hill is a weekly podcast that offers a compelling mix of stock market analysis and insightful interviews with industry and investment experts. Known for its approachable style and clear, actionable advice, this podcast is great for both beginners and seasoned investors who want to stay informed about market trends and company developments.

Famous Episode: For fans of "The Motley Fool Money" podcast, a standout episode that's worth a listen is the one titled "The Wisdom and Wit of Charlie Munger," aired on December 15, 2023. This episode pays tribute to Charlie Munger, who was an integral part of the legendary investing duo with Warren Buffett. Hosts Scott and Andrew reflect on Munger's impactful career and the invaluable insights he left behind in the world of investing.

Listener's Review: "Great show, funny and informative. Love the show, one of the few podcasts I need to listen to every episode! I'm new to investing (about a year now) and love getting put onto new ideas that I wouldn’t have thought to look at."

How Our Tool Can Enhance Your Learning from These Podcasts

Wisesheets is an innovative add-on designed for Excel and Google Sheets, tailored specifically for stock investors. It integrates seamlessly into your spreadsheets, enabling you to access a wide range of financial data and analysis tools directly. This integration allows for a more dynamic and informed investment strategy, enhancing the insights gained from investment podcasts.

Real-time and Historical Data Retrieval

Open Wisesheets in your Excel or Google Sheets and use the plugin to get real-time stock prices. For instance, after hearing a podcast discuss a specific stock, you can immediately check its current price.

Utilize the WISE Function to retrieve historical data. This is particularly useful when a podcast references past market trends or events. The WISEPRICE function syntax is =WISEPRICE("ticker/s", "parameter/s", number of days to end, "start date", "end date"). All you need to do is enter a range of cells instead of a singular parameter or enter a range of periods instead of a single period. You can see how it works in this example:

Financials in Excel

Detailed Dividend Histories

Apply the WISEPRICE Function. When a podcast mentions a company's or ETF's dividend history, use this feature to view detailed dividend data and patterns.

dividend payment history of an ETF 

Segment & Geographic Revenue Breakdowns

Use the WISE Function to access segment and geographic revenue data. This feature is valuable when a podcast discusses a company's revenue diversification or market presence in specific regions.

Segment revenues excel

Implement the WISE Function to gather analyst estimates. This allows you to compare your own analysis with that of professionals, especially after gaining insights from podcast discussions.

Custom Stock Screener Tool

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By following these steps, you can practically apply the knowledge gained from investing podcasts, enriching your learning experience with Wisesheets' robust features.

Empower Your Investment Journey with Wisesheets

You've just navigated through the dynamic world of investing podcasts, each packed with investing tips to elevate your financial knowledge. You're now equipped with a curated list of podcasts that can transform your approach to investing, making you more informed and prepared.

Key Takeaways:

  • Select podcasts that align with your investment style.
  • Look for credible, expert hosts and actionable advice.
  • Combine podcast insights with analytical tools for maximum impact.

Wisesheets is a powerful ally in this journey. It bridges the gap between learning and application, turning the insights from these podcasts into actionable strategies. With Wisesheets, you're not just a listener; you're an informed investor, ready to make data-driven decisions that produce tangible results.

Guillermo Valles
 | Website

Hello! I'm a finance enthusiast who fell in love with the world of finance at 15, devouring Warren Buffet's books and streaming Berkshire Hathaway meetings like a true fan.

I started my career in the industry at one of Canada's largest REITs, where I honed my skills analyzing and facilitating over a billion dollars in commercial real estate deals.

My passion led me to the stock market, but I quickly found myself spending more time gathering data than analyzing companies.

That's when my team and I created Wisesheets, a tool designed to automate the stock data gathering process, with the ultimate goal of helping anyone quickly find good investment opportunities.

Today, I juggle improving Wisesheets and tending to my stock portfolio, which I like to think of as a garden of assets and dividends. My journey from a finance-loving teenager to a tech entrepreneur has been a thrilling ride, full of surprises and lessons.

I'm excited for what's next and look forward to sharing my passion for finance and investing with others!

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