Dividend Stock Screener in Excel & Sheets: The Ultimate Guide

How to Build a Dividend Stock Screener in Excel and Google Sheets

The pursuit of income through investing necessitates not only a discerning approach but also the utilization of precise tools. Among these, a dividend stock screener stands paramount for investors aiming to derive regular income from their portfolios.

The creation of such a screener, tailored to individual investment objectives, is essential in navigating the vast landscape of dividend-paying stocks.

This article aims to elucidate the process of constructing a dividend stock screener, empowering investors with the ability to isolate stocks that not only provide dividends but also align with their financial goals.

The steps aim to introduce screener building and dividend investing as a strategic path to financial prosperity.

The Charm of Dividends Explained

Dividend Definition

Imagine owning a slice of your favorite company and getting a thank-you note in the form of cash just for holding onto its shares.

That's essentially what a dividend is—a share of the profit distributed to shareholders, making you a direct beneficiary of the company's success.

Beyond the obvious allure of receiving regular cash payments, dividends come with a sweet suite of benefits:

A Stream of Passive Income

Dividends are a reliable and predictable way to earn income on your investments, regardless of whether you are focused on growing your wealth over time or saving up for a specific goal.

By providing a regular cash flow, dividends can help you achieve your financial objectives with greater ease and stability, reducing the uncertainty and risk that often comes with other forms of investing.

A Sign of Stability

Investors tend to perceive companies that consistently pay dividends as reliable and financially secure.

These companies not only provide a steady stream of income to their shareholders but also demonstrate a long-term commitment to generating profits and sharing the rewards with their investors.

By paying dividends regularly, companies can attract and retain investors, while also enhancing their reputation and credibility in the market.

Tax Advantages Galore

Dividends have the potential to be more advantageous in terms of tax efficiency as compared to other types of income. This is due to the possible preferential tax treatment that they may receive.

When you earn dividends from your investments, you may be eligible for a lower tax rate, resulting in more money in your pocket.

This can make dividends an appealing option for investors looking to maximize their returns while minimizing their tax liability.

Why a Dividend Stock Screener is Your Best Investment Ally

Dividend Stock Screener as Your Best Investment Ally

Tracking dividends without a tool is like navigating a maze blindfolded. Here's why embracing a dividend stock screener can be a game-changer for your portfolio:

Know What You Earn

You can keep track of the exact amount of money that each company is directing towards you.

Assess Performance at a Glance

Get a birds-eye view of your investments’ health and which dividends are fattening up your wallet.

The Best Picks on the Block

Easily identify which stocks or funds are the generous givers, enabling smarter, dividend-focused investments.

Never Miss a Paycheck

Stay in the loop on payment schedules, ensuring you know when and how much you’re getting paid.

Historical Insight

Analyze dividend history to spot trends and predict future performance.

Tax Time Made Easy

Come tax season, having your dividend income neatly tracked is a stress reducer.

Creating your Dividend Stock Screener

With the help of a dividend tracker, you're not just investing; you're investing wisely.

Follow these steps to create your Dividend Stock Screener in both Excel and Google Sheets with this tool:

1.- List the Stocks You'd Like to Analyze:

The first step is to find a list of stocks you are interested in analyzing. You can do this by searching for stocks on Google, using a stock screener, or researching stocks yourself.

Once you have a list of stocks you are interested in analyzing, the next step is to gather financial data for each stock. We recommend you use the Google Sheets and Excel plugins called Wisesheets.

After you have installed the add-on as the documentation states, you can start to build your screener and create something like this:

2.- Choose the Parameters:

Once you have listed all the companies for your screener, you can choose between the parameters that fit your criteria:

3.- Build Your Screener:

Once you have both your tickers and parameters, click the tab "Screener" in your Wisesheets Panel:

Lastly, select the range of tickers (with a limit of up to 1000 per call) and the range of parameters to be analyzed, and click on "Get Data"

The data will get retrieved instantly, and you will be able to see the following:

You can now keep track of the dividends of your companies, filter and create graphs, and many more. This is an affordable and easy-to-use tool with countless options for tracking Dividend Stocks smoothly.

Comparing Stocks Between Different Criteria

With the "Get List" feature, you can find companies that meet your specific criteria, and filter them among a wide variety of options, such as:

  • Dividend
  • Price
  • Sector
  • Exchange
  • Beta
  • Volume
  • Market Cap, and many more

This option allows you to analyze and compare stocks easily across sectors and industries, unlocking investment opportunities.

In Conclusion…

Diving into the world of dividend investing requires not just a keen eye for promising stocks but also the right tools to analyze and track these investments effectively. The journey through dividends, as explored in our article, underscores the value of regular income, potential tax benefits, and the strategic advantage dividends offer for wealth building and inflation protection.

Having a robust tool becomes indispensable for investors looking to navigate the dividend landscape with precision and ease.

It simplifies the process of screening and selecting high-yield dividend stocks, ensuring that investors can make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

This efficiency in gathering and analyzing dividend stock information directly within familiar spreadsheet applications like Excel and Google Sheets not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of investment strategies.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, integrating such tools into your investment practice can significantly enhance your ability to capitalize on dividend opportunities, paving the way for financial growth and stability.

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My passion led me to the stock market, but I quickly found myself spending more time gathering data than analyzing companies. That's when my team and I created Wisesheets, a tool designed to automate the stock data gathering process, with the ultimate goal of helping anyone quickly find good investment opportunities.

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