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Being able to analyze a company’s financial statements and key metrics is one of the most important parts of the due-diligence process when making investment decisions.

The lessons these financial statements can provide are invaluable. They allow you to learn how different company initiatives perform financially over time, the state of the market, the company’s current financial position, and of course, the direction in which the company is headed.

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Financials for Canadian companies

Unfortunately, access to these financial statements is scarce for Canadian companies, given how the US equities have more demand and thus more coverage.

Often times individual investors are left having to copy-paste these financial statements onto their spreadsheet from different websites and the company’s annual reports to be able to perform any type of analysis.

The problem with this approach is that it is highly ineffective. A lot of the time it takes analyzing tens if not hundreds of companies to find an attractive stock investment opportunity.

This means that if it takes you, on average, 2 hours to get the financial statements for each company, and you look at 15 companies, you have already wasted 30 hours just preparing data.

Not a very wise investment of your time, right?

The solution…

Financials from the annual reports

With Wisesheets, you can get all the company’s annual or quarterly financials, key metrics, and growth metrics directly on your spreadsheet, perfectly formatted for analysis.

Annual financial key metrics table
Example data output for Apple

Better yet, you can easily compare companies across the same financials and key metrics by using the =WISE function. Which works the same as any function you’ve used in Excel or Google Sheets before.

compare financial key metrics table
Using the =WISE function to compare companies

Wisesheets covers the TSX as well as 50+ other exchanges, including the following:

  • XETRA (Germany)
  • NSE (India)
  • LSE (London)
  • MCX (Russia)
  • SIX (Switzerland)
  • HKSE (Hong Kong)
  • ASX (Australia)
  • OSE (Norway)
  • NYSE (USA)
  • AMEX (USA)
  • EURONEXT (Europe)

And unlike other alternatives, the price is affordable, and their Excel and Google Sheets add-on is very easy to use.

My fellow Canadian investors, I hope this tool helps you as much as it has helped me. But more importantly, I wish you all the best in your stock investment journey.

To your investing success,

Guillermo Valles

Hello! I'm a finance enthusiast who fell in love with the world of finance at 15, devouring Warren Buffet's books and streaming Berkshire Hathaway meetings like a true fan.

I started my career in the industry at one of Canada's largest REITs, where I honed my skills analyzing and facilitating over a billion dollars in commercial real estate deals.

My passion led me to the stock market, but I quickly found myself spending more time gathering data than analyzing companies.

That's when my team and I created Wisesheets, a tool designed to automate the stock data gathering process, with the ultimate goal of helping anyone quickly find good investment opportunities.

Today, I juggle improving Wisesheets and tending to my stock portfolio, which I like to think of as a garden of assets and dividends. My journey from a finance-loving teenager to a tech entrepreneur has been a thrilling ride, full of surprises and lessons.

I'm excited for what's next and look forward to sharing my passion for finance and investing with others!

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