How To Use AI for Stock Analysis

How To Use AI for Stock Analysis

AI is changing the world as we know it, and the stock market is no exception. AI can help you analyze stocks faster and more efficiently than ever before. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use AI for stock analysis and how it can benefit your portfolio. Stay tuned for more information!

What is AI, and how can it be used for stock analysis?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is a type of computer program capable of learning from data and performing tasks without being explicitly programmed. AI can be used to analyze stocks and other forms of financial data quickly and accurately, allowing you to make informed decisions about your investments.

Since AI is a computer program, it doesn't get tired, can be used continuously, and can process a large amount of data and generate in-depth stock analysis quickly. In addition, AI can analyze and interpret data from different sources, such as news articles, financial documents, historical market data, and much more.

This makes stock analysis much easier since you only have to provide the AI with the stock data you want to analyze and let it do the work for you. After that, you can simply verify the information it returned, and your particular type of analysis is done. The best part is that you can execute this process over and over until you have the necessary insights and confidence to make an investment decision that can lead to profitable returns.

How to Use AI to Analyze Stock Data

As AI continues to develop and improve its capabilities, more options for stock analysis will emerge. Currently, there are 2 excellent uses of AI to analyze stocks; summarize reports, and generate insights from stock data.

Summarize financial reports

AI can be used to quickly summarize financial reports such as quarterly and annual earnings. AI algorithms can sift through the vast amount of data in these documents and present key information in a concise, highly readable summary for investors. This makes stock analysis much easier since you don't have to read all the data yourself, which saves time and energy. AI can also detect patterns in the data that may not be apparent to humans, which could give investors an edge.

Currently, the best way to do this is to use ChatGPT, where you can copy part of an annual report or any other type of report you would like to analyze and ask it to summarize it for you.

This will then give you an AI-generated summary of the report, which can be used to make informed investment decisions.

ChatGPT Financial report summary

A great benefit is that you can also ask any questions you'd like about the report, which will give you the answers.

Data analysis

AI can also be used to analyze any type of data, such as news articles and financial documents. AI algorithms can detect patterns in the data that may not be apparent to humans, which could give investors an edge.

The best way to leverage this is to copy-paste data from Excel into ChatGPT and ask it to provide insights for you. Although it may look weird on the chat, the answers you will get are very insightful.

Here we got some data from the Wisesheets add-on on Excel and pasted it into ChatGPT to analyze

Wisesheets stock data in Excel
ChatGPT analyzing stock data

As you can see, the insights it returns are very valuable, and for most people, some insights would have been missed if it wasn't for the AI algorithms.


AI is a powerful tool for stock analysis, and it can be used to quickly analyze data from financial reports or any other type of data. AI algorithms are able to detect patterns in the data that may not be apparent to humans, which could give investors an edge. It can also summarize financial documents and generate insights from any type of data with accuracy and speed. AI is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for stock analysis and should be part of every investor's toolkit.

Be sure to leverage tools like ChatGPT and Wisesheets to make your stock analysis faster and more effective than ever before.

To your investing success!

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