How to Get Live Stock Prices in Excel

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Tired of using tedious methods, such as copying and pasting, again and again, to get live stock prices in Excel and still staying frustrated for not being able to keep up? Look no further. You can now use Wisesheets to get live stock prices in Excel. If you ask us, it is quite straightforward. In this blog post, we will teach you the easiest ways to get live stock data in your Excel spreadsheet that could be refreshed as you wish.

Identify the Stock Tickers of Your Favorite Companies

The first step is to identify the stock tickers you wish to track. If you are unsure of how to find a company's ticker, simply Google "stock symbol *company name*" (i.e., "stock symbol Apple"). Wisesheets uses the same ticker system as Yahoo Finance. You can use their search or, better yet, the statement dump search to find the right ticker to use as shown here. You can also get a list of tickers by following the information on this link. Once you have your list of desired stocks, enter them into cells in your spreadsheet in the order you want (see the example below).

You can also check out how to get stock data in Excel from the video below.

Use the WISEPRICE Formula to get the Live Stock data in Excel

With the =WISEPRICE formula, you can easily get live stock data from your previously saved stocks.

The function takes the following parameters =WISEPRICE("ticker", "parameter/s").

For example, to get Apple's real-time price, all you need to do is enter the following formula on any cell of your spreadsheet:


The parameters covered include the following (see full list):

  • Symbol
  • Name
  • Price
  • Changes Percentage
  • Change
  • Day Low
  • Day High
  • Year High
  • Year Low
  • Market Cap
  • Price Avg 50
  • Price Avg 200
  • Volume
  • Avg Volume
  • Exchange
  • Open
  • Previous Close
  • EPS
  • PE
  • Shares Outstanding
  • Earnings announcement
  • Timestamp

Using this knowledge, you can reference the stock cells and parameters from where you saved the list of stock symbols to get the price.

Wisesheets WISEPRICE function for Price, Market Cap, and PE of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc.

The best part is that you can press the refresh button on the WISEPRICE menu of Wisesheets to get the most up-to-date data as often as you want.

After this, you can easily change the ticker or parameter to get a different value without the pain of having to copy-paste the data manually.

Building a Live Stock Data Watch List

In order to build a live stock data watch list, you simply need to go to the Wisesheets' add-on in Excel. There, click on 'Templates', scroll down to the template of 'Real Time Watchlist' and click on it. It will open a new tab in your browser. Let it open, and click on download to download it for free.

Wisesheets real time watch list of different stocks for Price, EPS etc

Stock Exchanges covered by Wisesheets

One of the most important factors to consider when getting live stock data is the number of stock exchanges covered by the service. Luckily, Wisesheets offers 50+ major stock exchanges worldwide from which you can get live stock data on your Excel spreadsheet.

The list includes (see full list):

  • XETRA (Germany)
  • NSE (India)
  • LSE (London)
  • MCX (Russia)
  • SIX (Switzerland)
  • HKSE (Hong Kong)
  • ASX (Australia)
  • OSE (Norway)
  • NYSE (US)
  • AMEX (US)
  • EURONEXT (Europe)
  • TSX (Canada)

How to get Live Stock Prices in Excel for International Exchanges?

Getting live stock data for international stocks is simple. Just use the =WISEPRICE function, as shown above, with the only difference being the ticker.

Wisesheets uses the same ticker system as Yahoo Finance, so all you have to do is enter the ticker with the extension you can find there. So for example, to get the data from Telus, a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, all you have to do is use the ticker "T.TO"

Some Important Things Before We leave

The method outlined above requires you to have a Wisesheets account. You can get it for free by clicking here. Once you have your account, you can download the Wisesheets Excel add-in and sign in.

Unlike other stock live data retrieval methods, you don't need to know how to code, and you can also get the company's financials with the =WISE function (see the full guide here).


If you have come this far, it means you know how to get stock live stock prices in Excel for 50+ different stock exchanges extremely quickly without wasting time copy-pasting the data.

We hope this post helps you save time and allow you to make better stock investments!

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